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Photo by Kevin Lamb


Kayt and the Hard Folks is a music group, based in Toronto, Canada.  Kayt Lucas, Michael Menegon, Joel Merzetti, Paul Chalmers, Richard Begley and Donn Dixon have been rocking out, interpreting Kayt’s original Hard Folk music with surprising results.  The band enjoys a breadth of experience and versatility that is rare for a folk-rock band.

Since the band formed in January, 2012, they have developed an exhilarating performance experience that is diverse in style and cohesive in sound.  KHF concerts feature new music for those who enjoy the classics from the 1970s, as well as new indie rock.  KHF is thrilled to regularly present resident writers, Michael Menegon and Jp Merzetti, as well as musical guests and dance artists in concert.

Kayt is a poet and singer with hundreds of tunes in her catalog.  Her songwriting style alludes to rock, blues, folk, and sometimes country.  She plays mandolin and octave mandolin.

Kayt is a former dancer and aerialist.  Her musicality originates in dance and choreography.  Kayt also works as a rigging technician in the live concert industry, a job which gives her insight into the special theatrical world of the greatest performing artists in the world.

The Band Of Kayt and the Hard Folks:



Kayt Lucas – Mandolin and Vocals

Michael Menegon (original member) – Percussion, Vocals and Guitar

Paul Chalmers – Electric Guitar

Richard Begley – Bass

Donn Dixon – Drums

Joel Merzetti – Acoustic Guitar, Keys and Vocals (recorded material & guest appearances)

Guest artists and former members have included Roy Buna (original member), Bill Galloway (original member), Paul Kehayas, Mark Galloway, Harriet Hume, Keary Scanlon, Loren Hicks, Nick Yaksich, Minas Hatzigiannatzoglou, Bill Coleman, Angela MacDonald Petkovic, Chris Stephen, Paul Smith, Monica Serodio, Frank Patrick, Gus Apostolous, Jennifer Noble and others.

Manager – Hard Folks Community Management.

Jeremy Trites – Technical Producer from 2017 – present.  Rouge Valley Studios.

John Preketes – Technical Producer from 2012-2017.  Owner/operator of JPC Post.

Bob Dunkin – Resident Technical Advisor