Lots of “New” at KLB!

Wow!  We’ve been busy.

Our live CD is now available!  If you attended the Resonant Heart – KLB Live at JPC Post Studios concert, either in person or online… you know how much fun that was!  The album features nine songs and bit of a taste of the atmosphere we shared with our guests.  Get yours here.

In November, KLB played several terrific shows, enjoying the company of our fabulous new electric guitar player, Paul Chalmers.  He’s an inspiring player, and we hope you get the chance to hear him soon.  We’ve also been enjoying playing with guest drummer Minas Hatzigiannagtzoglou, who appears in our latest video for Vertigo and another, soon-to-be released.

December was epic.  KLB’s technical director John Preketes and members of the band worked overtime and around the clock to get tracks for our studio album ready for mixing.  We’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to collaborate with Laurence Currie for these works, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Up next, we’ll be playing at Velvet Underground in Toronto on January 24th at 7pm.  For tickets, find them here.  In February, KLB will be celebrating 2015 with our three-year anniversary concert, and beginning our fourth year!  Amazing.  We’ll let you know so you can join us for special guests, prizes and a heartwarming gathering of terrific musicians.

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