The Beauty Of Everyday.


“Every night can’t be special, but every night can make a better life” –Sweetness by Kayt Lucas

We all celebrate in different ways, and for different reasons, and yet music is so much a part of our gatherings, and so integral to the memory markers we notice as life changes.  We can all think of songs that are considered wedding songs, and yet so many others, less typical, mean special things to us alone.  Can you remember a song that played in a certain moment, perhaps unremarkable at the time, but later took you back to that moment in your mind?  Most people can!

It is without question that we ‘feel’ like listening to certain melodies to accompany particular parts of the day.  One longs to hear the perfect lyric and the most resonant instrumentation during activities that we do.  I recall that my mother used to listen to opera quite regularly while she was cooking dinner.  While it’s not my favourite kind of music, it elevates parts of my passion to remember that the family would be gathering soon for dinner.

Likewise, I have favourite bands that I like to play when I get up in the morning.  The pure positive energy of certain sounds and voices allow me to move more easily from sleep to wakefulness.  Some tunes are best for when I do the dishes, perform yoga, clean my house, get ready for bed, entertain friends… all chosen to enhance the passage of time and make everyday more beautiful.

Silence is also an excellent choice!  It is in moments of silence that one can more faithfully be in tune with the desires and needs of the body, mind and spirit.  If one is unsure of what music to play, then perhaps silence will lead to a choice in time.

“…And the music plays, and the wisdom stays.  You can find me these days.”  –Fallen Star by KL


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