Adventures in Music.


“You’re so delicious with your banjo playin’, I keep your kisses and I play mandolin” -Kisses by KL

Music is a giant subject.  We can talk all night and all day about the greatest music in the world!

In fact we may spend whole lifetimes in discussion about songs, chords, lyrics, instruments, brands of gear, rehearsals, studios, recording, stage lights, technical producers, singers, microphones, mixing, EPs, music history, cover songs, vocal tones, guitar strings, how to mic a drum kit, touring, the mandatory love song, playing in bars, reverb, monitors, stereo and mono, bass, how many guitars have been wrecked by belt buckles, boards, festivals, humidity, picks, tuners (tuning in general!), harmonies, dynamics, charts, the ‘greats’, tempos, DMX, videos, mandolins (What’s an octave mandolin, anyway?), amplifiers, influences, song writing, guitar licks, formulas, open mics, guitar suites, stuff that’s been stolen, concerts we’ve seen, swag, sound guys, synthesizers, …


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