KLB Monthly Residency at the Local Gest

Kayt Lucas Band begins their monthly residency at the Local Gest, presented by Porters Open Mic, a Cabbagetown tradition.
KLB concerts feature Michael Menegon, Harriet Hume and Joel Merzetti, as well as appearances by former members of the band and guests.

Local Gest - Posterbill-Sept-11-2014-Front-LoRes

Musicians! Bring your instruments, because the open mic starts up right after our show.

Tickets: No Cover
18+ or w/ adult

KLB Celebrating Two Years

KLB Celebrating Two Years

KLB is celebrating two years tonight at On Cue Billiards.  We’d like to thank all those who have surrounded and supported the band.  We’ve been fortunate to enjoy sharing the stage and studio with Mark Galloway, Keary Scanlon, Paul Kehayas, Robert Haley, Tammy Moone, Alicia Porter, Loren Hicks, Shaun Benson, Emily Coutts, Julian Peter, Colin Crawford, Jeff Davidson, David Crighton, Will Wall, Peter Jane, Frank Veal, Frank Patrick and many others.  Huge thanks goes out to John Preketes for creative and technical support in the studio at JPC Post.  Shout out to Trevor Black for much needed backline support.  So much gratitude for rehearsal spaces provided by Bill Galloway, Deborah Torr and Michael Menegon at Coco’s Organic Chocolate, Rich Dyczok at On Cue and John at JPC.  Thanks to Derrick Woodward, Christine Martin, Bob Dunkin, Micheal Fournier, Jorge Villanueva, Oksana Galloway, Frank Veal, Kim Zayak and others for photos and video.  Much appreciation for the acknowledgements of all the venues and companies we’ve worked with over the years: Mod Club, Revival, Winchester, Smiling Buddha, The Hideout, Reba’s Café, Mackenzie’s, On Cue, Landmark Events, Coalition Music, Wingspan, The Recording House, Metalworks, Number 9 Studio, Cherry Beach Recording Studios and Studio 8 Recording.  Thanks so much to all those who’ve volunteered their time to help with merch and tickets, including Christopher Stephen, Chris Trottier, Nancy Fudger, Sarah and Elisabeth Whitewicks, and many others.

Finally, thanks to the members of the band, Michael Menegon, Roy Buna, Bill Galloway, Harriet Hume and JP Merzetti for your presence and sincerity within the music.  I’m humbled, sharing the journey with you!  xo Kayt.

Aaaaaand the yellow brick road starts here!

Hello, KLB is thrilled that you stopped by!

Upcoming Shows

KLB will be appearing at several parties, both formally and informally, over the holidays.  In 2014, we’ll be celebrating two years together, as well as preparing to release our first album.  Dates to be announced.  Can’t wait!


KLB is in the process of  completing the recording of tracks for a 10-song first release by the original four members of the band, featuring a few surprise guests, and introducing a few new members.  The sessions have been taking place almost entirely at JPC Post Studios in Toronto.

Album art and accompanying material features work by several fine artists, photographers and videographers.

Unique Items for Sale

KLB merchandise is available at The Store.  Regular items include KLB logo-wear, song books, performance packages and gorgeous prints by professional photographers.  The band regularly presents unique items for sale, such as artwork, unique costume pieces, stage elements from particular shows, and always… new music!