Kayt and the Hard Folks at Rivoli. Photo by Richard Flohil

Photo by Richard Flohil

“Kayt Lucas, killing it at the Rivoli.  Shades of Jefferson Airplane!”

– Richard Flohil, music presenter



Simon Head of Apologue The Podcast

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“Kayt is known for playing music… writing songs, releasing records…. a good soul.”

– Simon Head,  Apologue The Podcast



AFeedBackLoop Podcast

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“She’s a wicked singer, the band is fantastic, I love this album.”

– Jesse Daly, AFeedbackLoop podcast re: Tornado Nursery album

“Hard folk with a sunny attitude and plenty of mandolin.”

– Dylan Zimmerman, AFeedbackLoop podcast



Toronto Moon Header

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Stronger at 5-Year Mark, Kayt Lucas Takes a Harder Name

“…strong and gutsy approach to performance…”

– Gary Webb, The Toronto Moon




Kayt and the Hard Folks by Michael Rochford

Photo by Michael Rochford

“Fun mix of rock and folk. Spooky…good stage presence.”

– Shannon Groves, music presenter



Kayt and the Hard Folks, 5-year anniversary. Photo by Mila Bright.

Photo by Mila Bright

“Wow!  Songmaker you are.  Three little words: Played Them All…..3 more…..I LOVE THEM.  I think I’m a better man hearing your music.”

– Otto Key, Reverb Nation Artist