Sacrifice – Radio Edit Single – by Kayt and the Hard Folks




by Kayt and the Hard Folks


Sacrifice was written after a chance encounter between Kayt and a teenage girl.  Kayt sat in her car at a stoplight, as the girl crossed the street from a bus.  The girl was noticeably wild compared to the other uniformed school girls crossing at the time.  In the moment their eyes met, Kayt and the teen exchanged a recognition that neither were living their most authentic lives.  Fascinated, they stared at one another.  As Kayt drove into the green light, she glanced back as the teen was just beginning to spill tears on the sidewalk, watching as the car pulled away.  Kayt drove two more blocks, then pulled over and wrote Sacrifice.


Kayt Lucas – vocals, mandolin

Michael Menegon – vocals, guitar

Paul Chalmers – lead guitar

Richard Begley – Bass

Donn Dixon – Drums

Recording and Mixing – Jeremy Trites at Rouge Valley Studios

Mastering – John Fraser Longley


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