Tornado Nursery – album download


CD, digital product.  Tornado Nursery album by Kayt Lucas Band (Kayt and the Hard Folks).


Kayt and the Hard Folks’ first major album, Tornado Nursery, features songs and performances in the band’s unique folk-rock style.  Highlights include vicerally effortless guitar by the late, great blues player, Roy Buna.  Tornado Nursery captures his last work, as he passed away peacefully in April of 2015.  Also of note: lively melodic bass by guest artist Paul Kehayas.


Appearing on the album:

Kayt Lucas

Roy Buna

Bill Galloway

Michael Menegon

Harriet Hume

Paul Chalmers

Paul Kehayas


Produced by John Preketes at JPC Post Studios in Toronto

Mixed by Laurence Currie

Mastered by Peter Letros


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