Swag & Merch

Kayt and the Hard Folks have been collecting items for your Rock’n Roll swag collection.  In addition to our standard concert merchandise, look for special items that will only ever be on sale for limited periods of time.  These may include tickets, unique costume items and performance packages for high-demand dates.

We’re pleased to be working alongside a fantastic team of musicians, photographers, graphic artists and local manufacturers to bring you Hard Folks products.  We have a lot to offer, and we’re looking forward to getting your treasures to you!

Recent store updates include our fabulous new logo and band name (formerly Kayt Lucas Band, now Kayt and the Hard Folks).   We’ve also moved our store to within our main website to make it easier to find.

Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at info@3littlewords.ca.



Back Stage

Song Books

Songwriting Lessons, Critiques and Workshops

Specially Written Songs

Centre Stage

Performance Packages – Book early for special dates!

Front Of House


Photo Prints

Souvenir Flyer Packs




Tornado Nursery Album – physical copy

Tornado Nursery Album – digital copy

Resonant Heart Album – digital copy

Lost Ones – mp3 single

Green Room

Stage-worn costume items

Collector set-lists, drumsticks, picks and other items

Music Business

Song Licenses