The river of words.


Apparently, we use different parts of our brain to listen to music than we do to conversation.  It stands to reason then, that we may use different parts to appreciate poetry and reading lyrics, as well as other kinds of written things.  As our days are filled with words, I imagine us flowing through our minutes and hours, getting caught in the eddies of a great lyrical song on the radio, then articles in the news papers, then conversations with others, then an absorbing book, and finally a text or two.  For those of us who write, there may be harbours of poetry to be captured and fished, and waterfalls of ideas to pour into and onto the page.

Our flow is the experience and interpretation of every day and every night.  The current, and all of it’s landscapes, lives within us.  We take in syllables, sentences, and the ideas they communicate.  We use the wonders of words to affect the world around us.  Even our thoughts are often narrated by a stream of words within.

The rivers of time, thought and the flow of words are not necessarily simultaneous, because experience happens in the present moment, while words are chosen along the way.  If we’re boaters, we choose courses.  If we’re swimmers, we choose depths.  But no matter how we navigate, the words express our meanings, and the meanings become our watery wakes.

For those who think in pictures and dreams, interpretations may be translated.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but an experience can be worth so much more than that.  Lakes of novels, fresh-water fiction and dammed up reservoirs of non-fiction lead to oceans of philosophy and their marine blue depths.  Poetry may be a glimpse of a rain shower, or the brief gurgle of an underground spring.  There are couplets in every puddle.

Puddles are fun, no matter what part of my brain is thinking.

“I crossed a river of birds, made a bridge pretty words” –River of Words by KL


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